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Capoeira Music - Vou Colocar a Minha Rede na Varanda

Autor: Contramestre Chico Porreta

Grupo Capoeira Angola Irmãos Guerreiros (Mestre Marrom)

Eu vou colocar minha rede na varand - Letras

Eu vou colocar minha rede na varanda

Eu quero ver minha rede balançar

Balança rede ioio

Balança rede iaia

English Translation

I will hang my hammock on the varanda

I want to see my hammock swing

Swing hammock ioio

Swing hammock iaia

The "rede" is a metaphor for a student, and the varanda is the roda. You might sing this song when your student enters the road, and it is a way of saying you want to see how well they will play.


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