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Capoeira Music - Berimbau tocou, ouvi


Berimbau tocou, ouvi

Tambor bateu, desci,

Falarao o meu nome

E por isso que eu vim

Sou cara de noite

Dono de madrugada

Tenho sete chaves

Da incruzilada

Eu chego em paz

Acerta sua mai

Mas minha navalha

Resolve a triacao

Chego no terrerio

Para comemorar

Mas se o tempo virou

Tambem posso virar

English Translation

The berimbau plays and I heard it

The drum beats and I descend

They say my name

And that is why I come

I am a guy of the night

Owner of the dawn

I have seven keys

That belong to the crossroads

I come in peace

And I shake your hand

But it is my knife

That resolves betrayals

I arrive at the sacred ground

To commermorate

But if the mood changes

I can change as well


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