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Capoeira Music - Paranauê

Paranauê - Letras

Paranauê! Paranuê, Paraná

Vou dizer minha mulher, Paraná

Capoeira me venceu, Paraná

Vou me embora pra favela, Paraná

Como já disse que vou, Paraná

E desvera que o morro, Paraná

Se mudou para cidade, Paraná

Vou me embora dessa terra, Paraná

Como já disse que vou, Paraná

Eu aqui não sou querido, Paraná

Mas na minha terra eu sou, Paraná

Cantando com alegria, Paraná

Mocidade estimada, Paraná

O enfeite de uma mesa, Paraná

É um garfo e uma colher, Paraná

O enfeite de uma cama, Paraná

É um homem e uma mulher, Paraná

Mulher pra ser bonita, Paraná

Não precisa se pintar, Paraná

English Translation

I will tell my wife

That Capoeira defeated me

I'm going to the favela

Like I already said I would

I will look out from the hill

-And move to the city

I'm leaving this land

Like I already said I would

Here I am not loved

But in my land I am

Singing with joy

Youth is esteemed

The decoration of the table

Is a fork and a spoon

To decorate a bed

You need a man and a woman

For a woman to be beautiful

She does not need to paint herself

The river Parana is a large riger in south America that runs through Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Duringteh Paraguayan war of 1864-1870 many Brazilian slaves were sent to fight in the war. They were told that if they survived they would be granted their freedom. The return journey to Brazil was along teh Parana river, and the slaves would sing in victory. Many credited their knowledge of Capoeira for their survival.


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